With almost a decade of experience in branding,

graphic and web design,

and copywriting, Chloé has become an expert on

everything marketing-

especially when it comes to

social media and digital.

Chloé and her team are currently accepting clients

for brand consulting, social media and email campaign management, graphic design, and website design.

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We take a hands-on approach.

We're here to guide you on your journey to establishing a strong, recognizable brand.

We'll provide the tools and insights needed for success - from design & strategy advice to practical training tips.

Cultivate Your Brand

We call our branding consultations and evaluations "Brand Triage". Our Brand Triage offerings are designed to meet you at whatever point you may be in the branding process.

Whether you're a new business, a freelancer looking to launch a brand, or an existing business or freelancer looking to refresh and relaunch your brand-- we have Brand Triage options to fit your specific needs.


Your Online Presence

Presenting a powerful and consistent message is everything when it comes to your brand's journey.

Crafting thoughtful branding across every avenue of public perception helps build credibility and trust with current customers, while simultaneously capturing the attention of potential new ones!

If you’re launching a new venture, or looking to rebrand, we can help.

Cultivate Your Social Media

We know that Social

Media can be a pain.

Posting consistent, relevant content is the best way to find your target market and audience, but it takes a lot of strategy, time, and energy

We offer several options for Social Media management, whether you're looking to collaborate, or to hand us the reins completely--

we will thoughtfully cultivate

a strategy to fit your

needs and goals..

Client Testimonials

“It's been an adventure so far working with Chloé and her team. I've gone from no brand and no marketing strategy to a concise and organized strategy executed flawlessly. It's a collaborative approach where I can have as much or little input as I choose week to week. I can't thank Cultivate Media enough.”

- Cassie Allen, Allen Therapy

“Cultivate Media has helped us here at West Georgia Landscape Co. to take our business to the next level using social media. With all of Chloé’s dedicated work on our website and our social media platforms we have been experiencing unprecedented growth this year alone. Thank you Chloé and Cultivate Media!! You are the best and I highly recommend you!! Five stars!!

- Graham, West Georgia Landscape Company

Let's work together.

Contact us today and let's get started.

Whether you're looking for Brand Triage, Web Design,

Social Media Management, or General Graphic Design, our team can help.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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